"Balance" means any amount of credits in your wallet that can be used to play any type of available game.

"Bingo Bucks" means funds which can only be used in bingo.

"Free Daily Credits" are funds which are given away each day to site and application users.

"Earned Credits" promotional funds which are awarded for activities such as inviting friends, or winning promotions.

"Purchased Funds" money which can be used in any game or sent to a friend, obtained through purchasing.

"Player", "You" or "you" means a registered user of this website.


All account information should be kept up-to-date. Fradulent information or identity theft is strictly prohibited.

Users of our website must be at least 18 years of age in order to signup for an account.

We enforce a limit of one account per person. The creation of multiple accounts will result in closure of your accounts. Allowing other users to login to your account may result in your account being flagged as a duplicate.

To maintain a level of fairness, you may not hold winnings or funds in a separate account as a means to hoard funds. This is against the terms and conditions and may result in the removal of these funds from your account and/or having your account disabled.

Players should not attempt to circumvent any of the limits put in place in the system (i.e. send limits, daily credit limits, etc). Doing so may be grounds for forfeiture of funds and account access.

Administration may make exceptions to allow you to have a second account in order to host side games. Hosting accounts cannot be used to play games, obtain daily credits, store funds or send to other players for purposes other than side games.

Users should not share their personal information with other users on the site unless they are comfortable doing so. Scamming and fradulent behavior will not be tolerated.

Purchases & Refunds

All purchases are for Virtual Credits. These credits have no monetary value and are for entertainment purposes only. Credits can be used to play the games and for the chance to win additional Virtual Credits in games and competitions.

Some Virtual Credits can be sent to other members using the "Send Funds" page. Virtual Credits may also be used for promotional purposes from time to time.

When purchasing, the currency denomination is specified on the purchase page directly prior to the acceptance and confirmation of your purchase.

The Virtual Credits are delivered immediately after the payment notification is successfully confirmed and authorized by the payment service provider.

If you have made a purchase of Virtual Credits and did not receive them, please contact support to have this resolved.

Once Virtual Credits have been awarded to an account, we cannot refund the value of these credits.

Side-Game Host Rules

Hosts must not host in any room which states that there are no side games allowed.

Hosts shall post all game specific rules clearly in the game description prior to the game being setup. Rules cannot be changed once the game has started

Hosts must show the utmost respect for all players in the room. No host should engage in any rude or inappropriate behaviour in the chat rooms. (This includes but is not limited to swearing)

Hosts should allow all players with the appropriate funds to participate in their games unless the player is being rude and/or swearing at the host.

If a player is breaking the terms, a host is allowed to enlist a temporary ban on the player from their games. Temporary bans must be reported to the helpdesk at the time of the ban and the result will be determined by the site staff.

Sponsoring can only be done from player to player. Meaning a player cannot send funds to a host for another player to participate in a side game.

It is not the host's responsibility to split funds for partners. If a partner is taking place in a current side game and wants a host to split the winnings it is at this host's discretion to do so.

No host shall split winnings of a side game with a partner that did not participate in that game. In this case it would be the responsibility of the player to split the funds with their partner. If the funds exceed the daily limits they must be transferred over several days.

Side games wins may only be split once (you cannot split on a split).

Hosts are allowed to accept tips to their player account only. They have the same send/receive limits as any other player.

Any actions performed in order to bypass the send/receive limits that have been set in our system is against the terms of service and will result in an account being disabled and/or banned entirely.

Any player who directly buys-in to a side game should be eligible to receive their winnings, even if they are disconnected at some point during the game.

Players that have been banned from chat or site are not eligible to particiapte in Side Games.

All Side Games must be publicly visible in the Host Game System offered by the site. Dealing should not take place on alternate chat systems or methods.

Inactive host accounts will be disabled without notice. Hosts must notify Admin if they will be away for an extended period of time.

The maximum number of entries (sets) into games where the buy-in period is less than one day is 5. The maximum price per set for these games is 500.

The maximum number of entries (sets) into games where the buy-in period is one day or higher is 10. The maximum price per set for these games is 1000.

The recommended number of entries (sets) into a daily game is 5.

Games must only be created for the purpose of a publicly accessible REAL chat game. A game created for any other reason is a breach of the rules and will result in action against all parties involved.

Only the official rules listed on this page are recognized by the site and the administrators.

Hosts are not allowed to partipate in their own side games, directly from their player account or indirectly by sponsoring a player or otherwise. Hosts should never sponsor from their host account.

All side games must be played at the time they are scheduled for. If a host cannot meet the scheduled time, they must contact the administration to inform them and provide the reason. Hosts should not delay a game for any purpose including but not limited to allowing a player additional time to buy-in or to allow themselves to participate in another game.

Each round prize in a side game should not exceed 30,000 credits (if its split, 15,000 credits each)

Prize splits are only allowed to be made with the partner listed on the winners profile. Hosts must use the built-in split system to split the winnings. Games that require a special setup, such as 'birthday barrel', can still be run but require advanced permission from administration and must be clearly marked as such in the game description.

If a player in the room requests "no splits" on their win, the host must honor this request. That player is the winner and it's their choice what to do with their winnings. The winner's partner CANNOT dictate what to do with the win.

Hosts should not create any duplicated games (as created by another host) during the same time period and in the same room. Games will be considered as a duplicated game if they have the same configuration. Specifically we will look at the settings for how numbers are generated type and the numbers per set when making this determination.

Hosts should not assist any player in tracking their numbers or cards during a side game.

Hosts are not obligated to give a refund in a side game and may mark the game by posting NO REFUNDS in the description. If there is a system malfunction, hosts can use their discretion to determine whether or not a refund shall be issued.

If a host must to put a side game on hold, the current bingo game will still count towards the side game. Subsequent games will not count until the side game is no longer on hold.

Hosts cannot run multiple host games in different bingo rooms simultaneously. If a game is running late and it prevents another scheduled game from starting, the host should refund the later game.

Chat Rules

No swearing or threats of any kind are allowed in our chat rooms or in any area of your public profile.

If a player is breaking the rules, the first step is to ignore the user in chat. Click on their alias in the chat room and click the ignore button. You will not see messages from that user anymore for that session. If it is a serious matter, refrain from causing commotion or chaos in the chat rooms by posting the details there, or on any of our pages, but instead contact an Admin via the helpdesk.

If a user breaks our terms. The first incident will result in a one week suspension of chat. The second incident will result in a month long suspension and any following incidents beyond the second offense will result in a lifelong suspension in chat. No exceptions will be made and will also include any host account the player may have.

No user, for any reason, is allowed to use CAPS LOCK or equivalent in the chatroom.

Users shall not paste correspondence from Admin or the help desk in the chat, in public forums, or to others as such communication is considered confidential.

Company Details

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you and "System Provider". This website and associated software is operated by My Slots.

You must read the Terms & Conditions fully before completing Registration. If you do not agree with any of the terms, you must cease use of website and its services.

We reserves the right to close an account at any time for any reason, without the need to give an explanation.

*These terms are subject to change at anytime without prior notice.

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